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Dr. Berry is the inventor of the PowerPlatform and creator of PowerPlatform training.

PowerPlatform training combines moves found in Ballet, Pilates, TaiChi and Yoga.

This is an amazing new exercise performed in the upright position because this is the way nature intended for us to move. This position allows for more complete ranges of motion for the joints of the body and requires activation of a greater portion of the brain. The moves are more circular and can be performed in multiple planes of motion while engaging both the upper and lower limbs.

These moves work to integrate the muscles rather than isolate them. PowerPlatform training develops coordination, balance and incredible core strength. The upright position allows a greater population to have access to the benefits of exercise. There is also a greater risk of injury to the neck, lower back, shoulders and knees when performing floor moves.

PowerPlatform training is a NON-IMPACT form of exercise and can be performed more safely by all ages and ability levels. It has been shown that exercise that can increase aerobic fitness and provide variety and challenge will stave off cognitive decline later in life by ten to fifteen years.

PowerPlatform training is great for rehabilitation of spinal injuries, shoulder, knee and hip injuries as well. Dr. Berry’s patients discover exercise is fun and can be enjoyed by all ages and all levels of fitness.

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